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IRI to Offer Trend Insights into New Beverage Development

SymphonyIRI’s Larry Levin to Join Discussion with Leading Experts in Beverage Industry Magazine Webinar



Larry Levin - Executive Vice President, Consumer Insights, SymphonyIRI



When developing new products, beverage companies today are faced with a barrage of new challenges: consumers with tighter budgets, more health concerns, and increased skepticism about being targeted by marketers.  The webinar “Path to New Product Success:  Navigating Consumer and Industry Trends for New Beverage Development” will draw on some of the industry’s most well-versed experts in new beverage development to discuss fresh, current and insightful information on launching new beverages.

Levin will be joined by Susan Logue, senior director of R&D at PepsiCo and Sally W. Potter, manager of Packaging Governance at the Coca-Cola Company.



Staying informed about the marketplace is the difference between a beverage launch being a huge hit or a flop. With consumers continuing to tighten their budgets as they feel the effects of this double-dip recession, consumers are thinking even more critically about each purchase. Tapping in to the way these consumers think is the only way to secure a product’s place in their shopping carts. At this Beverage Industry webinar, attendees will find out how to analyze the latest trends in the marketplace, develop new beverages consumers want to try, package beverages to stand out from the crowd, and increase sales by being innovative.



Thursday, September 15, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. ET



Online. Registration is free at


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